Carlow Digital Communities Network

County Wide Plan

The project will seek to understand how online communications and especially social media are being used across the county and from this develop a strategy to ensure Carlow maximises the benefits of digital communication tools.



Local Plans

The project aims to work with all the major communities across Carlow to help them prepare an online communications plan for their community.

Strategy Training

Program participants will learn how to prepare and implement a simple communications plan for their community

Content Training

Participants will learn how to prepare engaging community stories, photo libraries and smart phone videos.

Social Media Training

Participants will learn what social media tools to use and how best to use them for community initiatives.

Project Background

Carlow PPN along with Carlow Volunteer Centre works with communities across Carlow and in recent years have noticed importance online communications play in local development. It became evident that there was no structure or good management practice in place to help develop this into the future hence the Carlow Smart Communities Project was born. The project aims to develop a strategy and provide relevant skills to put Carlow communities and public services at the forefront or well organised online communications

Carlow Online Directory

As part of the project, the group will create an online directory of key online assets for Carlow including

  • Map the network of Carlow Community social media pages
  • Directory to find key local services
  • Key Wikipedia pages for the county and its communities
  • Carlow related videos related to local historical, tourism, business, services

Building A Local Network

  • Allow public service providers in Carlow to use the network of community social media profiles to get our key targetted messages e.g. road closure in parts of the county, community-specific safety advise during extreme weather
  • Allow the public to quickly find local group and organisations online
  • Create content that lots of social media page managers across the county can use

Be Part of a Local Team

The program will invite anyone who is interested to contribute to county and community communications plans and projects. Communities can quickly prepare a plan and undertake bite-size projects to improve their online presence.

Get Involved !

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Individuals who recently used the internet (in the last 3 months – 2017) in the South East

  • Email 80% 80%
  • Social Networking 74% 74%
  • Uploading Self Created Content 52% 52%
  • Internet Telephoning/Video Calls 41% 41%

Carlow Digital Assets Lists

Project Details

The project facilitators are

Content Training

Aileen is an RTE-trained radio producer and was RTE’s Health Correspondent in TV and radio. She’s worked for the Sunday Tribune, the Sunday Business Post, RTE and the independent sector. She brings extensive insights and knowledge to her media services. Originally from Shinrone, in south Offaly, Aileen has extensive experience and a few awards for her journalism, in print, radio & TV news.

Aileens 1 day training will be run in 5 locations around Carlow. The 1-day training program is called “Creating Local Content ” and covers topics such as;

  • Developing local stories
  • Using photos effectively
  • Making great mobile videos

Social Media Training

Michael’s 1-day course is titled “Online Communication Platforms” and will cover topics such as

  • Locally focused social media
  • Building a local audience
  • Easy but effective content plan

Local Communications Plan

Pat Kennedy and Mark O’Leary of eTownz will deliver 2 x half day training in online communications strategy. Participants will

  • Learn how to do an appraisal of their communities digital presence
  • Learn how to network and collaborate with other local organisation online
  • Help create a short an online communicates plan for their community

Partner Groups




News & Updates

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